Venue and Accomodation InterContinental

 The organiser proposed the venue, which has been approved by the IHF. These venues are:
 Palace of Youth and Sports
 Palace of 1 October 


Participating Nations


Group A Group B
Paraguay Kosovo
Nigeria Canada
Chinese Taipei New Zealand
Group A Group B
Kosovo United States of America
Nigeria Paraguay
Chinese Taipei Australia



IHF Hotel

Hotel Nartel
Address: Kalabria Bll B2 Llam B, Prishtine

Team Youth U19 Hotel

Hotel AFA: Canada, Paraguay, Nigeria, New Zealand
Address: 15 Rruga Ali Kelmendi, Prishtine
Hotel ADRIA: Kosovo, Chinese Taipei
Address: Ahmet Krasniqi , No.110, Arberia, Prishtine

Team Junior U21 Hotel

Hotel International Prishtina: Australia, Paraguay, United States of America
Address: Behar Begolli, Prishtine
Hotel GLORY: Chinese Taipei, Nigeria
Address: Veternik P.N, Prishtine
Hotel ADRIA: Kosovo
Address: Ahmet Krasniqi , No.110, Arberia, Prishtine



International Handball Federation
Peter Merian-Strasse 23
P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel
Phone: +41-61-228 90 40
Fax: +41-61-228 90 55
Kosovo Handball Federation
House of sports
Floor II No. 15
Street Agim Ramadani 253
10000 Prishtina
Tel: +383 38 248 759 / +383 38 248 758
Mobile: +383 45 262 625
Fax: +383 38 227 640